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The Galileo Company is a unique supplier of scientific tools to scientists who study human psychological and sociological processes. Why are we unique? Most social scientists believe that there are two kinds of science: one "hard" science for the study of the physical world, and another "soft" or "social" science for the study of social and psychological processes.

There are hundreds of companies that supply "soft" tools to the social scientist: five-point scales for crude measurements; statistical software for probability estimates, non-metric scaling systems, and a host of other crude, approximate -- "soft" tools.

But there is only one company -- The Galileo Company -- that provides real scientific tools for the study of social and psychological processes. Precise, continuous scales of measure. Exact (not approximate or merely ordinal) mathematical analysis. Artificial Neural network software based on real neural systems. Solid engineering software for precise, complete solutions to real problems about how to influence social and psychological processes precisely and scientifically.

The Galileo Company is dedicated to the advancement of the scientific understanding of social and psychological processes. We are not in business to make as much money as possible, and we won't sell you anything that doesn't conform to the highest standards of real science.

If your work requires you to understand what people think, feel and do, or to influence what they think, feel and do, Galileo Technology will help you succeed.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our knowledge is based on observations, and that the quality of our knowledge depends on the quality of our observations. We do not accept the widely held belief that human social and psychological processes are less observable than physical processes, or that less rigorous measurements and analyses are acceptable when studying human phenomena.

We believe that the imprecise methods of social science produce a crude, imprecise picture of social and psychological processes, and this imprecision blinds us to the inadequacy of old theories and philosophies about people and their behaviors.

We believe that a scientific model of human phenomena is possible and desireable, and that the methods of that science are the same as the methods of science in general.

We believe that all measurement is simply comparison to some standard, and not a way to discover the "true" essence of phenomena.

Our Goal

The goal of the Galileo Company is to foster the scientific study of human phenomena. We do this by providing tools for the observation and analysis of cultural and social processes, and by supporting the scientists who are developing the science.

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