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The Center for Global Leadership
The Center for Global Leadership at the Instituto de Empressa Business School in Madrid, Spain, has adopted Galileo and Catpac II for its research program on leadership. According to Juan Carlos Pastor, the founder and Director of the Center, "The management of leadership images becomes then one of the key challenges of business leaders in this century, and Galileo and Catpac are very good tools to explore the mental maps of followers and the general public about their leaders."

  February, 2005: Wölfpak announced at International Network of Social Network Analysts
Joe K. Woelfel, Hao Chen, Raymond Hsieh, Jennie Hwang, Pauline Hope Cheong, Devon Rosen and Joseph Woelfel presented Wölfpak for the first time at the annual Sunbelt Conference in Los Angeles in February. Based on an advanced version of Catpac II's neural engine, and coded in Java incorporating UNICODE, Wölfpak is platform independent and reads any language. The paper presented analyses in English and Chinese.

  July, 2005: Wölfpak Beta released
Wölfpak, the latest text analysis software package from The Galileo Company, was released in Beta form in July, and beta versions are on their way to a few select scientists around the world. Wölfpak uses an advanced version of the Neural Engine in Catpac II, but provides a completely different set of analysis and display features. It is designed to augment Catpac II, not to replace it. Written in Java and based on UNICODE, Wölfpak is platform independent and works in any language or combination of languages. Full commercial release is likely in the fall. (Will there be a Mac version? Stay tuned...)

   Harvard University adopts CatPac II
Thanks to Harvard University for adopting Catpac II for research in the Graduate School of Education. And thanks especially for these kind words: "…yours is the best customer service I've experienced in a LONG time related to tech companies (hardware/software)." Thanks, Harvard.

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