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Description :

CatPac + Oresme = Free Association

A lot of human experience is organized into lists. At the grocery checkout, the items in the cart make a list of what was bought. A description of a person is a list of his or her attributes, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and so on. The cars you considered buying and their attributes make a list. After reading any series of lists, Oresme can find which items tend to go together in the same lists.

Once Oresme has discovered the underlying network of association of items, it allows you to take any list of items, and Oresme will predict just what other items ought to be on that list, too. List the problems your car is experiencing. Oresme will tell you what other problems you're also likely to experience, as well as what's wrong.

List the TV shows you've enjoyed and Oresme can tell you other shows you're also likely to enjoy. List the websites you're clicked and Oresme can tell you what other sites you should check out.

Whenever you need to match anything to anything else, Oresme is the tool of choice.


    Provides intelligent advice on matching products to customers.

Predict future purchases from past purchases.

Identify the right prospects for products and services like yours.

Use it to develop powerful indirect appeals to persuade.

     Powerful interactive scientific analysis.

Oresme can spot underlying clusters of attitudes, demographics, psychographics, purchases, symptoms -- or anything else -- that "go together." You can name a characteristic, and Oresme will list the other things that go with that characteristic. Name a car, and Oresme will tell you what kind of people buy it, what their hobbies are, what other kinds of car are competitive with it. Name an actor and a director, and Oresme will tell you what movies they're in, other movies like those, and other actors and directors you might like.

Prices :

*This program works on all OS versions of 32 bit (not 64) windows (not mac) machines. More information here.

Oresme CATPAC module for Windows up to 130 products+attributes (requires Catpac II)

Professional - $95 Academic and Student -- included with Catpac II

Oresme (DOS, UNIX, Linux, other) Fortran executable module, custom designed for your application, over 5000 products+attributes, per server - Call for price


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